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I laughed for a full minute upon seeing this on my dashboard.

Not a Tea Party, a Confederate Party

Tea Partiers say you don’t understand them because you don’t understand American history. That’s probably true, but not in the way they want you to think.

As someone who lives in the South, this essay from The Weekly Sift gave me a new perspective on its history (especially of its politics) that I now want to explore further.

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God, I miss the look of quality hand-drawn cel animation.

Also: who do I have to bribe so we can get a new Dirty Pair OVA or something?

(Source: softsubs)

Randy Queen Pulls Defamation Threats, Apologizes to Escher Girls

As well he should have. I get how depression or whatever can make you do weird (or outright dumb) things, but that ain’t no excuse for threats of legal action and abuse of the DMCA. (The latter takes at least some modicum of forethought and planning.) Now he gets to take the bitter pill of The Streisand Effect and have this whole kerfluffle show up in Google’s top results any time someone searches his name – and that seems like a fair punishment to me.

A Few Brief Notes About This Blog

As of the time of this posting, turns out that with my theme’s current post settings (five posts visible per page), I have just over 18 damn pages of ‘From the Inbox’ posts on this blog. They stretch all the way back to my ‘Thursday Q&A’ sessions from 2012 and run up to earlier this week.

That overabundance of ‘ask’ posts combined with the lack of full-bore text posts on both this blog and my wrestling blog as of late made me realize how fucking distracted with everything but writing I’ve let myself become. (The same goes for my pixel art, too.) I intended this to become a year of dedication to creativity, and I let myself down hard so far – so some things need to change around here.

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