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hi all!
having a good day? fantastic! 
i’m just here to remind you that THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED IN A COMIC and no one, anywhere, can ever take that away from you.


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On #GamerGate: A Follow-Up


1. The harassment that Sarkeesian and Quinn get is ultimately irrelevant with regards to their behavior. It’s not a good thing that they get harassed, but bringing it up not only ignores that they themselves have harassed and attacked others, that their behavior encourages such harassment of others, and that both have fabricated some amount of that harassment for attention, but it deflects from the real issues. It makes it about the people calling them names, as if it’s justifying the things they’ve done. It’s the equivalent of addressing a criminal’s actions by saying “Yeah but people haven’t been very nice to him. Why, did you know he was bullied?”

2. Your assessment of the attack on the “gamer” label as if it were something rational, grounded in solid evidence and a real effort to improve things, is ridiculously naive at best and disingenuous at worst. The attack on the label and the declaration of the “death of the ‘gamer’” is purely a petulant tantrum in reaction to the revelations of corruption and hatred within gaming “journalism”. They can’t get rid of the accusations so they’re declaring the people who made them to not matter, like all petty tyrants do when backed into a corner and faced with evidence of their wrongdoings.

3. The motivation for why the information about Quinn was leaked is, again, irrelevant. It simply does not matter the tiniest iota whether he leaked it to fight corruption or because he was mad at a woman who, by her own definition, repeatedly raped him. Trying to discredit the information by bringing up that he had a grudge would be like trying to discredit the Snowden leaks by saying Snowden had a fight with his boss. Why he did it doesn’t matter the tiniest bit in the face of what he revealed.

In short: wrong again, Freehaven.

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  1. I don’t condone Anita, Zoe, or anyone else—man or woman—fabricating harassment in any way just to play the victim. That said: they have faced actual harassment, regardless of whether it has to do with #GamerGate. The talk from #GamerGate’s opposition has centered around that harassment and the image it projects upon gamers. I brought it up specifically to address that image and how gamers can start fighting it off. (Oh, and before I forget, someone else *coughRagscough* pointed out that I failed to mention any harassment of men. Yes, that happens. Yes, some of it has at least partial roots in misandry/hatred of men. No, that doesn’t make it any more acceptable than harassment of women.)
  2. Gamers know that those attacking the label have little substance—but gamers ain’t exactly the audience for those pieces. Those outlets aim to catch the eye of John and Jane Q. Public who ain’t ever played a game in their lives. The ‘hitjobs’ in question try to create a warped image of gamers; while based partially in reality, they paint a picture with a ridiculously broad stroke so as to jack up pageviews and stir up outrage. (Also: I will own up to my naïveté, because God knows I’m a pretty dumb son of a bitch sometimes.)
  3. I didn’t fully intend to discredit the information he provided. Everything I’ve seen from that infodump looks solid and (as far as I know) Zoe has yet to refute any of it. My point in questioning her ex’s motive had more to do with knowing and trusting a source of information. You can believe he had an ulterior motive for releasing the information and still trust that info because of its factual correctness. (I will own up to fucking up in re: the inclusion of that bit, however, because I am a naïve son of a bitch and I’m still new-ish to this whole writing thing and shit.)
  4. …what, no ‘goddammit’? Not even a less-blasphemous ‘dammit’? Come on, it’s in my Twitter handle and errythang.

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On #GamerGate

I tried to stay out of this discussion (for the most part), and Lord knows I’ve gotten a bit sick of hearing about it. But after going over the facts of ‘GamerGate’, I think I have enough information and perspective to finally write about this whole shitty mess.

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Rather than trying to come up with a term for what Zoe Quinn is, I think it’s better to just go ahead and say what she’s not. Someone who slanders activists, fakes or embellishes attacks against herself for attention, and accuses people of misogyny because they dared judge her by her own ideals is not a feminist. That’s the sort of terminology we should be pushing.

If I gave more of a damn about the Zoe Quinn scandal, I’d write something about it myself, but Kazerad pretty much nailed my feelings on the matter with this quote (and his previous writings on the matter, which you’d do well to check out).